Your Senior Year at IU

For many of you, after this summer the following school year will be your final chapter at IU.  There are many ways to tackle this year, because as you may guess, senior year will obviously be the best year but also a significantly sad one.  No one in their right mind wants to leave this holy land and leave behind great friends, random Tuesday nights of going out when you have a reading quiz the next morning, or heading to the tailgate fields in short jorts.  Every senior has walked to and from the Villas (not a proud moment) at one point in their undergraduate career, has ordered pizza X to their dorms, has been turned around a time or two in the middle of campus at 2 a.m., has conversed with a group member from S110 at Kilroys as if they were your best friend, and has always been prepared to fight any Purdue fan or student that dare step upon our grounds and preach they are better than us.  If you are coming into your senior year this fall, do not hold back, instead go out with friends, say yes to everything, take too many pictures, and never be eager to leave.  Finishing your undergraduate career at IU is something earned, it deems you a real HOOSIER, a member of the best club in the world; never forget the school that has made you, rather has made you the best possible person you are.  ENJOY SENIOR YEAR TO IT'S FULLEST. 

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