Where to Live Sophomore Year

Choosing a housing situation and set up can be tricky for the first time at IU. After your time is done in a dorm you will be left with the choice of either staying in the dorms, finding an apartment, or a house; depending if you joined a frat or sorority.  Luckily, after my freshman year I found a house at 10th and Dunn next to Mr. Copy with some old high school buddies that I didn't know all too well.  I can confidently say that after that year in that house was my best year here at IU.  I made most of my friends that year, and had a great time enjoying that side of campus.  In my opinion, if your looking for your first house, you should find some friends that you don't know all too well and get a house on north west side of campus and enjoy meeting new and fun people.

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