The Best Places To Study On IU's Campus

Throughout the IU campus, there are plenty of places that offer the perfect environment for studying, depending somewhat on the individual.  The Indiana Memorial Union has a variety of rooms throughout its massive building that are great for studying, especially around the Starbucks.  If you happen to venture to the top floors of the Union, there are large, quiet rooms that overlook the whole campus; a great place during winter time.  If you need to be close to a printer, many buildings throughout campus have computer labs for a quick print.  Wells Library offers several quiet floors, many close to printers and work stations. SPEA has a nice library with many computers, rooms for group work, and print stations.  The Fine Arts library has quiet rooms as well, with print stations.  So don't think that Wells is the only library on campus. During finals week, many IU students come out of the woodworks, making it difficult to find a quiet place to study at Wells with limited band width due to the high volume of students.  Look around campus for these places I mentioned to study for your finals.

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