Meeting the Blogger

Just wanted to tell a little about myself before sharing my different stories about.  Currently, I am a senior here at IU studying Telecommunications with a minor in History.  I transferred here my Freshman year spring semester from the University of New Orleans, although I am from Fort Wayne, IN. I decided to leave UNO because the size of the school and the dive program I was in didn't seem too stable.  I then got recruited to IU for their dive team and dove until my JR. year.  I decided to walk off from the team to focus on classes and enjoying the rest of my time , becoming a regular student was great.  After becoming a student and not a student-athlete, I really began to enjoy the most out of IU.  My goal for this blog is to share what I have learned here at IU and let people be aware of all that IU is capable of doing for you. 

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