Little 500 Week!

If you are a IU freshman or a new student to IU, this up coming week is one of the most fun, spectacular, school weeks in the nation; Little 5.  The tradition of this week and weekend run deep in IU and is something that every student here can and should experience.  First off, if it is your first time being at IU for Little 5 get tickets to the race Saturday on Ticketmaster (they are about 25 bucks), and also if you can afford it get a ticket to see Sublime playing the 20th at Assembly Hall (it may already be sold out).  Last year I got to see Lil' Wayne and that was a blast seeing Assembly Hall completely filled. There are also a lot of great parties to go to and the bars will also be a good time as well.  If you are of age and are going to party, make sure to be smart about it and safe, there are an extremely high number of arrest during this week and three or four full police departments working during the weekend.  If your are not of age, it would not be wise to be drinking, because chances are you will be asked to show ID and subsequently written up for a drinking ticket that costs around $400.  There are plenty of fun events to go to during the week that do not require drinking, so check out what all is going on this week and get out there to be a part of an amazing IU weekend; unlike Grand Prix with their little go-carts.

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