Choosing a Major through Self-Evaluation

If you're a freshman and are not sure what to study, don't stress yourself out too much because there are a select few who truly know what they want to study right away.  My advice would be to take prerequired classes that are necessary for most everyone on campus e.g. writing, public speaking, psych, math, and if your leaning toward the College of Arts and Sciences (which is a majority), then there are several types of prerequired classes that you can start taking while you decide what major to pursue.  Take time to explore all the different majors IU has to offer and really explore your personal interest and try to match those interests with a program.  For myself, I was pretty lost my freshman and most of my sophomore year on what it was I wanted to study.  When it came down to it I simply asked myself what it was I love and what it was I am good at.  I knew I enjoyed learning about history and I really loved movies and creating storytelling. In the end, I majored in Telecommunications with a minor in History.  I am a senior and still am uncertain what I would like to do with my major for a career, but many seniors are in the same boat; so my advice is not to worry about your uncertainty, but rather to enjoy it and explore all the great programs IU offers. This is the best time of your life and uncertainty allows you to discover the person you are and will become.

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