What to Expect: Recovering from Midterms

Midterm exams are finally behind us, but our grades may be nonetheless haunting. Don't worry too much, because there are a few methods you can apply to recover from a daunting midterm grade.

We either studied our brains to mush because "we've never gotten a B in our life."

Or, we blew off studying because "it's the weekend and we can do what we want to."

Either way, we all went into our midterms thinking...

... turned in our exams, which looked something like this...

... and left our exams feeling like...

Then, we all went home for fall break and came back to a big, fat D on OnCourse. We then did something along the lines of...

And on top of it all, we had to listen to our roommates brag about their fantastic midterm performance.

On the first day back to classes, the majority of your class begs for a curve...

...to which your professor responds with a disappointing "too bad, so sad."

Fortunately, there are ways to bring up a not-so-hot midterm grade. To begin, you'll have to study. It's as simple as that, so you'll just have to get over this type of attitude:

Finding personal incentives (besides passing your class) and employing a method to make your assignments more interesting will significantly help you get through the last eight weeks. If you go into a huge workload without a plan you'll get overwhelmed and burnt out very quickly.

The next step is dedicated to the strange and mysterious concept of time management. Think about your typical schedule and figure out where you'd be able to fit in 20 minutes of reading or an hour of taking notes from the PowerPoints your professors post on OnCourse. Pretty soon you'll look like:

Speaking of reading, visiting Wells is in you and your grade's best interest. Your first visit might be intimidating, but soon you'll practically have a relationship with Herman B. due to the amount of time you'll spend with each other.

Racking up some brownie points is also a good idea. Establishing a positive relationship with your professor can never hurt because when in the end, they're the ones with the gradebook. Visiting your professor's office hours is a great way to build a teacher-student relationship. Even if you don't have any specific questions to ask, researching their career and commenting on their achievements is something professors secretly love.

Throughout the rest of the semester, you might have instances where breakdowns and eating your feelings are perfectly acceptable.

If you make an effort to manage your time, regularly read and study as well as build a relationship with your professors, your course grade will undoubtedly improve. Although you may often feel like...

... your work will most definitely pay off and you'll walk away from this semester with a huge feeling of relief and a sparkling A on your final grade report.

Here are some more great tips that will help you get better grades:

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