What to Expect: Orientation

As an incoming Hoosier you'll be encouraged to take the opportunity to visit your soon-to-be home and attend first year orientation. As you prepare for this two-day process, your expectations might begin to get a little crazy. As an attempt to bring your expectations back down to Earth, here's a little dose of reality. The following is, more or less, what you should expect at orientation.

Day #1:
As you make your way to the check-in center, you and your parents realize you have no idea where you are or where you're supposed to be. As a typical freshman you'll avoid feeling like a freshman and reject all feelings of being lost; however, your parents will have no problem asking for directions. When they do, you'll look something like this:

After enduring some major embarrassment from your dad asking the cutest guy (ever) for directions, you'll nevertheless join the long line of freshmen and parents. At check-in you'll be separated from your parents and divided into random groups, which always leads to one of these:

Then your group will head the IU Cinema where you'll watch a video as an introduction to IU and what it means to be a Hoosier. This is actually a really exciting way to start your orientation and by the end of the video the cinema will be full of this:

Unfortunately you'll lose all excitement after this awesome video because it'll be time to take your placement exams. As you wait to receive your scantrons and exams you'll reflect on how great you did in high school and how easy these placement exams are going to be. Heck, you'll probably pass out of every freshman level course and a swagger like this will follow:

But by the middle of the exams you'll feel like:


After you repress the fear of failing out of college already, you and your group will attend a few informational sessions. One of these informational sessions will be a performance by a handful of theatre majors who will put on a series of skits addressing collegiate concerns such as the importance of seeking consent before having sex. At first you'll be sinking in your chair thinking:

But surprisingly, these skits are really funny and not as awkward as you think and in no time you'll be like:

Other informational sessions will include question and answer sessions and everyone's looking at each other:

And then your group leader decides to have everyone write down questions anonymously after deciding:

After the ice is broken, you'll finally get some answers that you were too shy to ask out loud. You'll learn things about IU like the theory behind choosing a dorm:

You'll also learn about cool clubs and organizations that you can be apart of at IU. You'll find out that there are a ton of ways to get involved on campus. When you hear the word quidditch team you'll be like:

But then you'll realize your group leader isn't kidding and your inner Harry Potter will applaud:

After your informational sessions, you'll meet back up with your parents for a late lunch at Wright's dining hall. By this time you'll already be exhausted and starving, but your parents will bombard you with questions about your day and you'll impulsively yell something like:

After you satisfy your hunger with some Sabarro pizza or Charley Biggs chicken and you've lied to your parents about what a breeze those placement tests were, you'll get a tour of a major facility at IU. Last year they chose to tour the SRSC, a fantastic student gym and recreational center, and all the Hoosier ladies drooled:

While all the Hoosier hunks saw the new equipment and were thinking:

You and your parents will visit another great facility after dinner. At the IU Auditorium you'll hear a few professors speak about the journey you're about to embark on and inside you feel like this but you don't want to show it:

But then you let one of these slip:

And even your parents are thinking:

But then you wake up as you see that amazing performances that IU Auditorium brings and you're back to being pro-IU:

After your tour of an IU facility and your meeting in the auditorium, you'll be given the option to attend the Campus Legends tour where you'll walk campus in the dark and learn about IU's history and traditions. Everything's all fun and games until you discover that there are multiple cemetaries on campus and you're freaking out:

Finally, day one is over. Now is when the fun really begins right? Wrong. What you thought your first collegiate night was going to look like:

What really happens:

Day #2
Today is a short day. All you have to do is schedule your classes for the first semester. First, you look at the endless course possibilties and you sit and wait for your advising meeting like this:

Because you could never take fishing as a course in high school and you never thought you could earn college credit for talking about video games and you look at your advisor with excitement like:

But then your advisor tells you your placement exam scores and that he/she recommends you getting your requirements out of the way before you enroll in too many classes that you don't really need and you'll think about it:

And as you schedule W131 you're like:

And then you hear the word "M118" and you're like:

But don't worry. Every freshman enrolls in required courses their first year of college. You should definitely trust your advisor because they know what they're talking about. The best way to go into your advisor meeting is to listen:

Even if you're thinking:

And reach a compromise. Reserve the majority of your credit hours for required courses and put aside a few credit hours for a course you really want to take. By the time you have your schedule in hand you'll be doing one of these:

Last thing to do is pick up your photo i.d. You'll take a yearbook-esque photo feeling like this:

But you'll end up with one of these:

All in all, freshman orientation is a worthwhile experience. You'll get to learn a lot about the wonderful things that await you as a Hoosier, you'll get the chance to meet new friends and you'll get to experience the campus firsthand. Even though orientation might bring you a great deal of mixed emotions, you'll gain valuable knowledge and even better memories - even if they're unexpected.

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