Tick tock, tick tock: Where did my 24 hours go?

One life to live. Only so many years and hours plus seconds that you can utilize to achieve those lifelong dreams. How do you go about using those 24 hours in a day to positively take steps in the direction of your dreams? Well, I know personally that making daily to-do lists keeps me on track for accomplishing weekly goals that thereby play a role in attaining my monthly, yearly, or lifetime dreams.

One may think there is a lot of time in a day or lifetime to achieve one's dreams; however, you would be surprised to hear how many individuals believe that your dreams can only be achieved during the peak period in an individual's life. This is not true as some individuals never realize their dream goals in life until they are of senior age status. Believe me, I know I want to become a future government diplomat in the near future, so that first agenda item I want to conquer while being a college-aged student is to learn the skill of time management before I go out into the real government workforce.

Do you have dreams that never come to fruition? Have your ever wished you could earn more time or turn-back the hands of the world clock? In reality, you can never regain back lost time or earn more time back, but the one item you can control is how you use your time. This is where to-do lists and an agenda can come in handy as seeing what you need to accomplish before a set date and time makes you more likely to achieve everything you want to.

On a side note, one should never give up on their dreams just because of age or lack of knowledge, but only after they have pursued every avenue they can in order to complete the journey of a lifetime.

Time management is an essential part of a successful college student and budding professional's life.

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About The Author
Kevin KingProud Hoosier Alumni, Warsaw IN, Class of 2015

Hello! I am known as Kevin to many of my fellow peers, friends, and family.

I am a recent college graduate of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, with duel minors in Political Science and International Studies along with a Political & Civic Engagement certificate.

My college life was filled with academics and extracurricular activities, but especially as a senior.  I was heavily involved with the following campus organizations/departments: Residential Programs & ServicesFirst Year Experience, Student Peace Alliance, and the Office of Student Life and Learning. Finally, I was a student blogger for WeAreIU.com for three years.

Fun fact: I have worked Summer New Student Orientation twice as a Program Assistant!

Stay true and have fun Hoosiers!