The Best Eats in Bloomington, Indiana

Currently, I am on Thanksgiving Break like many other Indiana University Bloomington students! All of us are probably enjoying the time off by catching up with family and eating some nice home cooked food. Now, this only occurs once a year, but that goes with any special holiday like Christmas and Easter too. When Hoosier students are not on break, they are back on campus studying hard to get the academic grades they want from their college experience. Now, I know personally I can't go to long without seeing my parents and I want them to come down to Bloomington, Indiana in order to see the campus that I now call home and taste some of the amazingly local restaurants that surround campus.

Here are some of the most splendid restaurants I've been to so far (mainly with parents):

  • Noodles and Company: My favorite restaurant down in Bloomington, Indiana on Kirkwood Avenue. It's a fast casual dining restaurant with that cozy home feeling to it that invites students in for a quick bite to eat before heading off with friends to see a movie or hang out during a Friday or Saturday night. I love this restaurant for the variety of food it offers along with the speedy and friendly service they have always provided to my friends and I whenever I have decided to eat here. Everyone has got to try out Noodles and Company at least once if your a Hoosier student!
  • Mother Bear's Pizza: This is a local staple restaurant that is held in high regard by the Bloomington community and its college students for its good sizzling, tasty pizza that literally makes you want to eat more and more of it. It's really good and the environment of this restaurant on 3rd street has satisfied most who enter its dining atmosphere. Also, Hoosier students have made this restaurant a favorite hangout place to catch up with friends and everyone should go eat here with their family too!
  • Village Deli: Another local restaurant located on Kirkwood Avenue, this one offers anyone a good meal at a decently fair price. Whether your hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner I am sure this local restaurant will satisfy all that your taste buds desire. Please give this restaurant a try as it has the friendly staff and environment that's good for family meals!
  • Taste of India: A locally owned ethnically oriented restaurant that specializes in Indian food such as curry to melt away your hunger. Give this restaurant on 4th street a try and you will definitely want to come back and try more of what they offer on their menu!
  • Little Tibet: Another locally owned ethnically oriented restaurant specializing in Tibetan food like dumplings and stir fried noodles. Try out this restaurant on 4th street  and you will realize how good ethnic food from other countries really is!
  • Anatolia: A special restaurant that serves ethnically Turkish food such as kebabs filled with juicy meats that all college students love to eat. If you like meat or delicious food, this is the restaurant for you. Come on out to this local restaurant on 4th street to try it out!
  • Mandalay: The last restaurant I have been to on 4th street. This one serves ethnic Burmese food like noodle soup that really makes you feel full after a long hard day of studying. I would recommend anyone to try this restaurant out for sure!

Here are the restaurants I want my parents to take me to eat at:

  • Lennie's: I heard it has really good sandwiches.
  • Malibu Grill: I believe it has really good steak and burgers.
  • The Irish Lion: Rumor goes that it has good meat and fish.
  • Trojan Horse: Through the grapevine, the story goes that the gyros and sandwiches are spectacular!
  • Siam House: It was voted best ethnic restaurant of Bloomington, Indiana. What else is there to say, but to go try it out!

Some local dessert businesses that are a must eat:

  • Red Mango: If you like frozen yogurt and smoothies, then this is the place to go for you on 10th street! Plus, they also have a loyalty card you can get during any purchase and build up points anytime you buy something afterwards that eventually turns into rewards like free smoothies or cash off next purchase. Is that sweet or what!
  • Baked! of Bloomington: Mouth watering cookies is what comes to mind for this local business. Just like Red Mango, it's a frequently visited late night place for college students in order to get a quick energy boost for late night studying. Everyone has to try out Baked! on 3rd street and Red Mango because if you do not, your basically missing out on some of the best frozen yogurt and cookies in Bloomington!

Last tidbit of advice: Explore all that the Bloomington campus and the community has to offer in terms of local cuisine and national chain restaurants with friends or family because you only have a limited time before you graduate and move on with your life.

Have a great Thanksgiving Break and rest of the semester!

About The Author
Kevin KingProud Hoosier Alumni, Warsaw IN, Class of 2015

Hello! I am known as Kevin to many of my fellow peers, friends, and family.

I am a recent college graduate of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, with duel minors in Political Science and International Studies along with a Political & Civic Engagement certificate.

My college life was filled with academics and extracurricular activities, but especially as a senior.  I was heavily involved with the following campus organizations/departments: Residential Programs & ServicesFirst Year Experience, Student Peace Alliance, and the Office of Student Life and Learning. Finally, I was a student blogger for for three years.

Fun fact: I have worked Summer New Student Orientation twice as a Program Assistant!

Stay true and have fun Hoosiers!