Loving College Life in Bloomington, IN

Hey Hoosiers! So, I have thought long and hard about what makes Bloomington, IN and the Indiana University Bloomington campus amazing in general! Here are five main reasons as to why it's a good environment for college students to be immersed in.

  • #1: Top Academic Programs with qualified, tenured instructors
    • Kelley School of Business
    • School of Public and Environmental Affairs
    • Jacobs School of Music
    • School of Education
    • School of Journalism
    • School of Public Health
  • #2: Lots of Ways to GET INVOLVED on and off campus
    • Residence Hall government
    • National Residence Hall Honorary
    • Indiana University Student Alumni Association
    • Indiana University Student Foundation
    • First Year Experience
    • Others .....
  • #3: Amazing local restaurants and other businesses
    • Noodles & Company
    • Village Deli
    • Red Mango
    • Pizza X
    • Mother Bear's Pizza
  • #4: Friendly locals and students
    • Everyone fits the description!
  • #5: Finally, it's the birthplace and home of Hoosier Basketball!
    • I sincerely hope that we win Banner #6 this year.

So, Hoosiers that's why I think Indiana University and Bloomington make for a great college experience for any prospective students, all you current students, and those alum who have already graduated. Thanks!

About The Author
Kevin KingProud Hoosier Alumni, Warsaw IN, Class of 2015

Hello! I am known as Kevin to many of my fellow peers, friends, and family.

I am a recent college graduate of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, with duel minors in Political Science and International Studies along with a Political & Civic Engagement certificate.

My college life was filled with academics and extracurricular activities, but especially as a senior.  I was heavily involved with the following campus organizations/departments: Residential Programs & ServicesFirst Year Experience, Student Peace Alliance, and the Office of Student Life and Learning. Finally, I was a student blogger for WeAreIU.com for three years.

Fun fact: I have worked Summer New Student Orientation twice as a Program Assistant!

Stay true and have fun Hoosiers!