Farewell Hoosier Nation: live to your full potential!

College is a deep transitional period for any young adult. As a freshman, I remember entering Indiana University Bloomington with excitement and nervousness, but ultimately the fear of not succeeding was my greatest nightmare. Now, I look back on my time as a Hoosier and know that this was all unnecessary anxiety. I have met some lifelong friends, gained new technical skills, and pushed myself to my limit in order to become more of who I was meant to be and not what others thought I should be.

Here is what I've learned in the past four years: 

Five key aspects of college 

I deem these essential for personal and professional growth. 

  1. Academics: I have gained in-depth knowledge about American citizenship through courses within the Political & Civic Engagement program here at Indiana University. 
  2. Professional opportunities: I have participated in three professional internships while studying at IU, and know that they have opened up my mind to new perspectives. 
  3. Extracurricular engagement: I look back on my time as a Hoosier, and one constant factor is the personal growth I have acquired through extracurricular opportunities like enduring a 36-hour Dance Marathon, mediating roommate conflicts as an RA and starting the new student group called Student Peace Alliance during my senior year. 
  4. Social interactions: I know that all the social interactions I have had in college have shaped who I am, and special kudos go out to Anna C. for inspiring me to fulfill my visionary dreams after LeaderShape
  5. Personal endeavors: I have worked to increase my knowledge of foreign politics and world languages in order to gain an international perspective on current events.

Six pieces of advice 

Every day students at IU go about their daily routines without much thought as to how they can better themselves. Here is some advice I have for all who are willing to listen. 

  1. Appreciate who you are and the friendships you have because you never know when they may be gone forever. 
  2. I know many of you lack the conviction about what you are going to do in the future, but pursue your passions because that’s what you were meant to do. 
  3. I have learned through my time in college that anyone can make an impact any time, so if you have a great and engaging idea then follow through with it! 
  4. Explore every campus building and the community around you, because Bloomington is much more than just IU. 
  5. Find out your “why” in life because this helps motivate one to accomplish anything they set their heart and mind to. 
  6. Take a leap of faith in chasing your dreams, or take action on a personal bucket list item such as: participating in IUDM, attending a live music concert, starting a new student group or running for political office. 

Your input as a student on campus and in your future matters to how our American society functions. Wishing everyone the best of luck in all their future endeavors and remember that we are all Hoosiers!

About The Author
Kevin KingProud Hoosier Alumni, Warsaw IN, Class of 2015

Hello! I am known as Kevin to many of my fellow peers, friends, and family.

I am a recent college graduate of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, with duel minors in Political Science and International Studies along with a Political & Civic Engagement certificate.

My college life was filled with academics and extracurricular activities, but especially as a senior.  I was heavily involved with the following campus organizations/departments: Residential Programs & ServicesFirst Year Experience, Student Peace Alliance, and the Office of Student Life and Learning. Finally, I was a student blogger for WeAreIU.com for three years.

Fun fact: I have worked Summer New Student Orientation twice as a Program Assistant!

Stay true and have fun Hoosiers!