3 Years In, 1 Year Out, One Vision

One person. One vision. One belief.

This belief that all individuals should have an equal voice and vote in the political decision-making process.

This vision that voter education and registration can aid all individuals in attaining that equal voice and vote in the political elections.

This person desires that everyone play an equal role in the political governing of their nation.

I am that individual. I am that Hoosier student. I am that U.S. citizen.

My theme of the 2013-2014 academic year was and still is: To create a supportive environment for all whether that be in an academic or work setting because this is how the voice and beliefs of everyone are heard in the realm of politics.

Currently, I am moving to achieve my vision of a political decision-making process that is fair and inclusive of all individuals and their voice by utilizing the Indiana Public Interest Research Group (inpirg.org) as a vehicle to making my vision a reality.

The vision I have would not be possible without my attendance of the LeaderShape conference of Indiana University at Bradford Woods over Spring Break 2014. My dream vision was created through a session called "Today's Headlines" which challenged us to seek a goal that has yet to be achieved as of today.

Now, my vision that I created at LeaderShape 2014 has opened up many avenues of career advancement including an ideal internship that I will be starting in the Fall of 2014 titled the "New Voters Project".  This internship experience will help to decide whether or not my interest in civic engagement and politics is truly what beckons to me as a true calling.

Internships are an essential part of a college student's career and as such I have scoured long and hard for that chosen one. Now, I believe that my personal connections in the School of Public & Environmental Affairs, Political and Civic Engagement program, and Indiana Public Interest Research Group have allowed me to connect my passion with the right people, so that I can follow my political vision. In general, I am excited and optimistic in running my own political campaign called "New Voters Project" 2014 in light of the upcoming U.S. midterm elections this fall.

As an incoming senior here at Indiana University Bloomington, I have experienced three years of college and only have one ounce of wisdom to dispel to all of you who while follow in my footsteps. This is that academics are important to your future career success, but what may even be more instrumental in your success is what external commitments you make outside of academics and who one meets within these confines that could decide what becomes of your future career dreams.

Personally, I believe college is crucial to a young adult's development into maturity and without the experience then a gaping hole is created where academic resourcefulness, professional skills, extracurricular achievements, and social connections should reside in.

Parting Note: Everyone can enroll in and become an average college student, but those who persist in the face of adversity (tough classes, collapsing friendships, time crunch, and internal conflicts of beliefs) and face new challenges with an open-mind learn better than those who completely shutdown due to their fears.

Quote of the Summer: "If you can dream it, you can do it!" by Walt Disney

You will be surprised at what one may achieve with confidence, preparation, and time.

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About The Author
Kevin KingProud Hoosier Alumni, Warsaw IN, Class of 2015

Hello! I am known as Kevin to many of my fellow peers, friends, and family.

I am a recent college graduate of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University Bloomington, with duel minors in Political Science and International Studies along with a Political & Civic Engagement certificate.

My college life was filled with academics and extracurricular activities, but especially as a senior.  I was heavily involved with the following campus organizations/departments: Residential Programs & ServicesFirst Year Experience, Student Peace Alliance, and the Office of Student Life and Learning. Finally, I was a student blogger for WeAreIU.com for three years.

Fun fact: I have worked Summer New Student Orientation twice as a Program Assistant!

Stay true and have fun Hoosiers!