GenEd Requirements: 8 Stages of Picking a Class

We've all been there, you need a class to fulfill one or many GenEd requirements for your major but honestly it's so hard to pick a class out of all of the options available. There are so many GenEd areas: Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical Studies, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, World Languages, and World Cultures. Pull up your GenEd-Approved Courses and let's get started with the first stage of picking a GenEd class:

1. The initial excitement of taking a random class like Stars and Galaxies or Anthropology of Food

There are a ton of amazing classes offered by IU. Some awesome classes for each GenEd area are:

Arts & Humanities: History of Rock and Roll Music (MUS-Z 201), The Art of Comics (FINA-A 280), Acting I: Fundamentals of Acting (THTR-T 120)

Social & Historical Studies: Theories of Crime and Deviance (CJUS-P 200), Hollywood I (CMCL-C 290), Life in the Stone Age (ANTH-P 210)

Natural & Mathematical Sciences: The Solar System (AST-A 100), Dinosaurs and Their Relatives (GEOL-G 114)

World Languages: American Sign Language I (SPHS-A 100), Greek Poetry: Homer (CLAS-G 250)

World Cultures: Medieval Heroes (HIST-B 204), Global Pop Music (FOLK-E 151)

2. The discovery that there's about a thousand classes to choose from

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There are so many class choices from The Search for Life in the Universe to Dance in the African Diaspora. Make it easier on yourself by narrowing your search down by the specific GenEd requirement you need to fulfill.

3. Giving up the search after hours of scrolling through courses

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4. Except you come crawling back because you really need a class

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5. But then you FINALLY find the perfect class

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6. ...and there's already 26 people on the wait list

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At this point, don't give up hope! Stay on the wait list because a lot of times class sizes expand to accommodate more students and/or you can get into your class because other students will drop off the wait list.

7. So you settle for a different classthe office animated GIF steve carell animated GIF

8. But then you finally get into your first choice class

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For more information on picking the perfect class:

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