The Real Deal:Tips for your freshman year :)

THIS IS ME, being real. 

When I first came here to IU, I thought that everything was going to just be amazing. I was going to make all these new friends and find all these people I can be close with and go to all these awesome parties with big groups of people (because well, there are 40,000 people here..) and everything was just going to unfold right away. This is how everyone explained it-everyone always talked about the amazing parties and how fun it is all the time, but no one ever told you about the other stuff-what you will be spending the MAJORITY of you time doing. I felt like noone completely knew me. I didn't really hang out with my high school friends that went here because I wanted to branch out. But, I was kind of in that awkward stage where if I were to be sarcastic or awkward, people wouldn't get it because they didn't know me yet. The fact is, like everything, it just takes time. So, my advice is, along with these other things I am about to list, to just take it one step at a time. Don't force anything. Get involved. Be yourself. Everything will fall into place. Most likely, the friends that you end up with and the things that you do will not be the same people/things as the very first week of college. So, here are some tips for you: 


Typically you will make more friends faster if you go random. A lot of people who roomed with someone from their school or a friend got annoyed with them and didn't like them as much as when they first roomed together. Yes, I know, you may think you are the exception. But, I am telling is about living your own life, doing what you want, becoming who you want to be. Your high school friends will always be there if you want them to. Also, when you do move in, TALK TO PEOPLE!! KEEP YOUR DOOR OPEN THAT WHOLE FIRST WEEK!! I mean might as don't have any homework Welcome Week. You get to know people a whole lot faster. My floor is very social and we are never scared to ask advice/borrowing clothes/hw help from anyone on our floor because we all hung out that first week. Get to know them. If you find out you don't like someone, well, now you know. It's life. It makes you stronger. But you never of your best friends could be living on your floor (this is what happened to me!). Also, I would strongly recommend requesting the CENTRAL neighborhood. I honestly love living in central. It has everything-the best food court, great location, and awesome cool social people. You don't have to take a bus to ANY of your classes and you can still have a social floor, while still being able to have a quiet (for the most part) place to study. Also, it is pretty clean. 

Here is my it is right now..sorry I didn't make my bed for you. But just so you have an idea:

My bed is on the furthest end. I like Marilyn Monroe and Jack Johnson. Now, here is my view from my end of the shelves and stuff:

We like our room like this, because we like having either side to ourselves. But usually the beds will be lofted when you first move in, but you can change it around.


FIrst of all, if you don't know what "rushing" means (because I didn't before I came here) it is just a process of getting/choosing a sorority. This process starts at the end of the first semester and resumes after Christmas break. The girls go to all 21 houses throughout one week and narrow it down to 14, 8, and 3 houses. There are different rounds and activities you do at each round. If you decide to rush, you will learn about this later. But feel free to ask me further questions, I would love to help un-confuse you (because I was confused the whole time). 

 As a former non-greek member and as a recently initiated greek-member, I just want to say that sororities have SOOOO much more than parties. Actually, they don't even have parties. They aren't allowed. Only fraternities do. Every sorority has a philanthropy. Ours, Alpha Phi, is Cardiac Care and Research. The girls in each house work to hold events and fundraisers every year to raise money for their philanthropy. Also, each sorority has a minimum GPA that you have to fulfill. Being in a sorority is like living in a house full of people that are there for you no matter what. Once you are in a sorority, it's permanent, which makes each girl's bond stronger with one another. Sure, you have your other friends that are non-greek, but you also have 100 more friends. It's good to be well-rounded. Oh, and the parties-are all optional, obviously. Not every girl "goes out" all the time. We all have goals we want to achieve. I know my house is full of hard-working and driven girls, which is good because we have a great support system with one another. Oh, and-living in a huge house with regular home cooked meals every day is a plus too! :)

This is my pledge class on bid night (the night that we found out we got into the sorority we wanted) They put crowns on us and scarfs and we ate a lot of pizza. It was great. :


So, around the second week of college I saw a flyer that said "APPLY NOW FOR STUDENT GOVERNMENT! GREAT LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES!" And I was like, ok. haha. I just did it. In high school, I always did every club I could because I loved being busy and having friends and connections all over the school. Well here, it's the same thing. It's a great way to meet more people. Student Government has been a good experience and I have learned so much from it. Even though my position, VP of Programming (planning events) can be really hectic and busy at times, it's still really fun because once the event succeeds, you feel great, like, "I planned this. i made this happen." And the best part is, it looks GREAT on a resume! Don't wait till your junior year to start getting involved, I'm telling you. Just go for things now. 

I also did IUSTV where I can report on stories and anchor! Here is a clip from this week (I was not on this week but we rotate and volunteer for different weeks!):   I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to major in journalism (for broadcasting) or telecommunications. This is hands-on and a very laid back group that lets you experiment and start building skills/material for future jobs. And, you will want to start now. So many people don't get involved until junior year or even senior year, so just go for it!! It's way cool doing all these things as a freshman! I have met soo many people and already am building up my resume. 


Get season tickets! Go to the tailgates! Some of your favorite memories will be from the games like the Kentucky game, where we won with a 3 pointer at the very last second and everyone rushed the court. Be a part of it. Know what's going on. You'll want to brag about it later anyway.

So I hope some of these pointers helped you out. I can also post room decorations/ideas/what to bring to college when it gets closer, because I sure as hell had no idea what these rooms would already have! They don't even tell you!

..That's what we are here for. :)

Well, I should take a shower since I worked out at 5 and still haven't taken one. Ew. Gross. I know. Okay. Well. You are wonderful for reading my blog, please continue! 

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