The long, but really freaking interesting first post :)

ME. (This is my reenactment of our win against Kentucky in bball.)

Hello. Welcome to my blog. My name is KELSEY CARLISLE and I will be using Caps Lock a lot. I want to start out by saying the picture above was taken after IU (my school) beat Kentucky and everyone (including me) rushed the court and my expression is half that I am excited that we won and half that I am thankful I am alive (because I ran from the balcony all the way down to the court in 3.2 seconds.). 

I guess I should tell you a little about myself for my first blog. Well, currently I am sitting in my dorm in Wright Quad eating chocolate and not doing my homework or studying for my tests. This kind of thing regularly happens. I am only a freshman, so I am still working on my time management skills. My major is Journalism, which I love so far. I want to be a TV reporter and move to a big city. Actually, my real dream come true would be to act in a movie or a broadway play, but as an average middle class Indiana girl with no celebrity connections, I need a back up plan. Anyway, less about my inner conflicts: I love to write (obviously), I can be very sarcastic (offending only the people who do not know me), I am very terrible at math and science (hence the journalism major) and my favorite desert is strawberries and chocolate (in case you were wondering,)

What I do at IU: 

-->I am VP of Programming on the Executive Board of the Wright Quad Student other words, I am in charge of planning events and programs in my dorm! It is really fun and if you are interested in Student Government or leadership positions your freshman year, this is the BEST position. Feel free to talk to me more about it. ;) 

-->I am on IUSTV (IU Student Television). My show is called Hoosier News Source. There's like 10 other shows too. I do stories and will eventually get to anchor. Here is our channel:  ; I will post my stories that I've done on here too :)

-->I played and will play more intramural volleyball. It was so fun! I was the captain (which doesn't mean much..but you do get to do paper/rock/scissors) and I played on the coed team. We were really good. But then we got to playoffs and lost. Yea. I'd rather not talk about it.

-->I recently just got initiated into Alpha Phi Sorority. (omg!!! ) <-- lol. But really, we have a really great Greek LIfe here and it's been really freaking awesome so far. I love it. These are some of the classiest/generous/hard-driven girls I have ever met. Here is my new pledge class:



.....and I also randomly audition for plays because I love acting and performing and the lights and the stage...addicting! 

If you want to contact me, message me on facebook!

Also, add me on twitter! I tweet current events at IU/pet peaves/whatever I feel like saying: K_FREAKING_C

Lastly, here's my youtube page:



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