"The Virgin Vault" Wright Quad at Indiana University

"The Virgin Vault" was the name I came across reading through the comments of other Wright Quad newbies on our Facebook Group page:

Someone: "I live in Todd 12-302, where is that!?"

Someone else: "Me too!"

Someone else: "Yea, I think ours is the all girls building.."

Someone else: "I heard they call you guys the Virgin Vault lol"

My Mind At First (First stage=denial..): Psh, yeah right..it's IU, I won't be in an all girls building. Psh. Suckers. Stupid freshman don't know what they are talking about. Psh. Just a rumor. Muaha, I'm fine! It's fine. I won't be stuck in "The Virgin Vault." Psh. That doesn't even exist. 

Well, rats. 

**Doing research, asking questions..


My Mind Now: Okay so I am on an all girls floor. No. An all girls' building. It's fine! I'll be fine. Psh. I like girls. I mean, I would rather have the "real" experience and live with some guys, who aren't as dramatic as girls, and maybe would invite me to parties, and we could become good friends with guys and form a brotherhood/wolf pack kind of thing and then I could play football with them because I really like football-- but it's fine! muaha psh. I'm going to college! Nothing can bring me down.


So yes, I lived on an all girls floor-building- my whole freshman year. Did it suck? Maybe like one time (towards the end). Would I have wanted some guys in my building/floor? Well, yes. Would I change it? Absolutely not. I always cherish the experiences I had and friendships I've made, because that's how I learn, and that's what makes me me. Whatever experience gets thrown at me, I try to live it full on because I know it was meant to happen to me. Otherwise, it wouldn't have happened. Anyway.. (gosh I ramble a lot don't I? muahaha I just have so much to say. My hands kind of hurt while I am typing though. Crap! Sorry I'll keep going.) here is what it was like living in Wright Quad Todd-12 302. (If any of you are about to live in my old dorm that's really weird that you are reading this and a little creepy but that's pretty sweet, congratulations.) 

First off, I was kind of lucky at first because my floor was pretty social/friendly. The first day we all introduced ourselves to each other and hung out right off the bat! We all kept our doors open so that it could have that kind of social, friendly,welcoming feel. It was weird though; here we are finally living on our own, and there's so much that we could do but where do we start!? It's really weird at first. Like, I still woke up thinking I was at home and then realized I was in my dorm room and felt so cool! 

As time went on, I realized that there are a lot of perks with living on an all girls floor. One perk, forexample, is that you could walk on with limited clothing on (just a robe, or just a sports bra and underwear..) and feel completely comfortable. Nobody really cared about that. You could also change with your door open (most of the time but a lot of times there were boys around because some girls would have them over). I mean, in the Virgin Vault, only your card works in our doors--you can use your card anywhere else in Wright Quad, but if someone tried to use their card for our building and they didn't live there, they couldn't get in! That was kind of cool. That's only because there were all girls in that building. It got really annoying having to let people in all the time though because their card doesn't work. I didn't usually mind it though.

It was really fun getting ready for parties on the weekends because we would all share clothes and ask for each other's opinion on our outfits. Like, there was always someone there to give you an opinion even if they weren't going out with you! I really liked that part. We would have music going, all our hair stuff on, and all our clothes laid out on our beds! Sometimes my friends would come in and get ready with me and my roommate or we could just go down the hall and get ready...I loved this time of day because everyone was done with their classes and we could just be loud. 

I just have to say, (and this would probably be true on any girl's floor or even a coed floor) but we had nail painting sessions like, every week. That was one of my favorite parts. I know I have said this in one of my other posts, but it was so nice to have my nails painted! I hate when my nails aren't painted. Me and like 2 or 3 other girls on my floor would sit in my room and lay out all our 100+ nail polishes and just go crazy. We got pretty good at it too. We would do little designs and order new polishes online! That was one of my favorite parts of getting ready! We would all do our nails then take showers and slowly get ready like girls do. This summer, my nails have been so bare. I miss them. :(

Okay, so now I am getting to some of the cons. Let's start with boys. "OHHH Sally has a boy in her room! Ow Ow!" (I don't use real names for online posts)..but really. Haha this is basically how it was at first. I mean maybe we would never fully acknowledge that there was a boy, like we wouldn't verbally say it, but it was always noted in our heads. So I had to make sure my door was closed if I wanted to change or something lol. Having boys over kind of sucked for them though. There was no bathroom for them to use..except the one that was on the last top floor which stunk really bad and there wasn't even a shower. Sometimes they would just use our bathroom because it was so big and no one cared, but our RA got really mad and posted signs all over saying that there were no boys allowed in our bathrooms. So, someone wanted to have their boyfriend spend the night, or come up for the weekend-or even one of your guy friends-they had to walk all the way up the stairs just to use the bathroom. Then you had to take them across the building and search for a boy's shower that they could use. It was stupid. And annoying.

Another con. Okay, so I never like to have drama in my life. I don't usually keep/make friends that cause drama because I hate that. I mean I just like to have fun and if I have a problem with someone, I'll talk it out or something. Some girls want to make big deals out of things, though. And living in a floor-building with all girls doesn't really help that part much. Sometimes it was just annoying and too much--but it was really rare and only towards the end that I felt like that. It also depends on who's on your floor too. Sometimes girls are more emotional and uptight than boys are. I feel like if there were boys on our floor, it would have evened out more and there would be less tension/scene-making sometimes. But, there weren't and I had to deal with it. It really wasn't bad at all-like I'm telling you, it's what you make it! I would recommend to just be nice to everyone, and if you need to talk about someone on your floor-don't do it in your dorm room, go somewhere else. Even though those walls are brick-they are thick- (and that rhymes)-and you don't want to offend/hurt/make anyone mad, even if you aren't saying anything bad about them! I am not saying I was a victim myself, but I just want to point that out. Girls pick on things. Just be chill, nice to everyone, and have fun!

**Here's a little tip: Since living on an all girls floor can be suffocating at times, I would recommend doing your venting sessions on your walk to or from class, in the food courts, or some other public/noisy place, and vent to someone that is not from IU. Talking to my best friend from a different school was nice because we could compare our lives and if you needed advice, you could get an outsider's viewpoint.  I would also recommend venting to your mother. She would enjoy that and could possibly give you the best advice in the world (I mean, she was 18 once). My mother always made me feel better. If I didn't know what to do about something, she was the first one I thought to call. Also, get out of your dorm room sometimes. This advice should be used for any freshman, I think. Those dorm rooms are so small. 

Now that I think of it, being in an all girls building wasn't very much different than being on an all girls floor. We didn't really go to the floors below us anyway. I mean all I really talked to was the girls on my floor. So it really wasn't any different-and a lot of dorm buildings have all one sex floors. And if we really wanted to talk to guys, we could just go across the stairwell to the other hallways and there they were! It's not like there were never guys in our sight or anything. Really, it's what you make it. Have a good attitude, except everyone for who they are, and you will have a good experience. There's always a way to handle things. Well, I hope this helps. Please feel free to ask me anything! I am pretty easy to talk to. 

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