Btown, my love, come back to me.

Before I go to bed tonight, I just wanted to say that I REALLY DO MISS BLOOMINGTON. Like, not a lot, because I know I will be back in a month, and I do like summer, and I really would rather not do loads of school work and papers right now...but I will for sure be ready to go back when it's time. It's like its own little (big) world down there. I miss walking everywhere, listening to music and being so calm (except when I run to class because I'm always late--but I'm working on that.)

I have road rage it driving this summer has not been a great experience. And I don't mean like speeding/changing lanes fast/flipping people off road rage--I mean I just get really frustrated and mad when I drive AND I'M ALWAYS FREAKING LATE! ALWAYS. Working on that...But seriously, the thing that annoys me the most is when people freaking drive like 5 under the speed limit. Like, seriously. Why wouldn't you want to go the speed limit? Don't you have somewhere to go if you are driving? Isn't that why you drive on an interstate? I mean if you want to have your little Sunday drive, go to the freaking country--it's only 5 min away..this is Indiana people. 

Crap. Sorry. Off topic.

See how my mind just rambles at night? All my thoughts just run through my head at the end of the day.


So yea. I miss going next door/across the hall and asking anyone if they have a white tank top I could borrow. Or if they want to paint nails..BTW--live in an all girls floor (or coed, probably..) and there will ALWAYS be someone who wants to paint nails with you! My nails were always painted. And we got creative. This is a great procrastination/not doing your hw at all excuse. My nails look like shit right now. Very dull. Very plain. It's a little depressing..

I miss hearing people sing in the showers/singing with people in the showers. Haha that was pretty entertaining. It never gets old. Especially when you are getting ready to go out and all your girls take a shower at the same time and you get all excited and belt it out..hmmhmm. 

I miss being independent-doing whatever I want- and not answering to anyone about where I'm going or worrying about getting home at a decent time. In college, nobody really cares (unless like your roommate has a reason to worry..). You could go to your hw at Starbucks in the Union and then decide you want to go to your friend's apartment and then be like "hm, I think I will sleep on the side walk tonight.." and no one will say anything!! Okay..the sidewalk thing was kind of an exaggeration but get my point? You do whatever you want! 

I miss IUSTV (IU Student Television) people. I feel like I was just starting to get to know them towards the end of the year. Those are some dedicated individuals. I look up to them. They got my back if I ever need help/ideas for a story. They are proud to give their opinions too. They also are freaking hilarious and fun to be around. I can't wait to start another year with them, strong. I had no clue what I was doing at first but they were a big help and got me right on my feet. Haha. I just laughed thinking about a couple of them. 

Ha. I miss not knowing what will happen next. Like, gah I don't even know--weekends especially (when I go out) are unpredictable. One moment you and your friends will go to this open frat party and the next you will be in someone's apartment playing video games and the next you will be in some dude's room HOLDING HIS PET SNAKE...AND I AM NOT KIDDING I REALLY DID DO THIS:..that's me and my "mom" (in my sorority)..both of our favorite animals are snakes so this made our night! Yes, I know, weird/creepy/horrifying--I've heard it all. I understand this is not how you want to spend your night. But that's my point! Literally anything could happen (like people have died so please be careful, seriously.. you have your whole life to live). Anything! Your time here will be such an adventure. Love it.

Last but never least, I miss my sorority sisters. I am thinking about them now and a big grin creeps on my face because I know I will be surrounded by them next year! I cannot wait to live with them in our beautiful, old house. They are all so driven and independent, and not to mention some of the prettiest girls I've seen in my life. Keep reading my blog, and I'm sure you will find posts about living in the house this year! <3

College is great. BTOWN is amazing. Life is good.

Keep reading. Stay tuned. Good night :)


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