A Star on the Rise...Hopefully! Kelsey Reporting For IUSTV

I've had so many great experiences but I'd have to say one of the most valuable is getting to work with IUSTV. This is the IU Student Television. It's ALL student-run!

On my show, Hoosier News Source, we do everything: write our stories, shoot our own b roll (the visuals you see for the stories), edit our stories and b roll, think of ideas, shoot the show; everything!

I NEVER thought I would make on camera as a freshman, but that's the beauty of a student-run program. You get to do everything!! 

This is from my first story (it was really windy..#reporter'sproblems): 

AND my first time anchoring which was just last week! 

...and paper shuffling at the end of the shows while talking to my co anchor about how we are supposed to be paper shuffling because we are mute and viewers don't know what we are talking about:

iustv.com :) Go to Hoosier News Source to watch me! :)

IU has something for everyone. Seriously. :)



Facebook: Kelsey Carlisle

email: kncarlis@indiana.edu

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KELSOFINE1?ob=0&feature=results_main


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