Greek Life at Indiana University or no?

While being an orientation leader, my number one question I got was anything about greek life.  When I mentioned greek life, I could tell there were some peoples eyes lit up, and some eyes rolled.  People just dont understand greek life.  Its not like House Bunny where they try to change you (even though House Bunny is hillarious), or the movies where sororities are out to get each other.  

For me, coming into college I wasn't going to join a sorority.  I just wanted to keep my mind on my schoolwork and not get swallwed up with greek life.  Also, I thought living in a house full of girls was going to be hard and impossible for me.  I am really bad about if someone doesnt like me, I just close off, and how could i get 100+ girls to like me?  All these questions ran through my mind as it came time to sign up for rush.  I waited until the last day as my best friend, Danielle, literally made me fill the online application for rush.

Getting in a house seemed pretty hard, but it went by really fast.  It is all explained on the IU Panhellenic Association for IU website.  But now that I'm in a sorority, I dont know what I would do.  First, I love all my sisters; I met my best friends throughout Delta Gamma.    After getting a bid in DG, I came to realize I love the colors light blue and pink, anything with D G on it, we will buy, and our symbol is anchors... so my shoes, shirts, shorts, bows for my hair, hats, and bathing suits suddenly all have anchors on them.

  Also, being in a sorority keeps my grades up.  Different houses look for different gpa's, and this is kept throughout the years the girls are in the house.  Getting below this GPA will put me on academic probation.  Also, my wonderful pledge class has a facebook page which is hillarious to look at...  For spring break, we posted pictures of our dogs randomly and everything on there just makes me laugh.  Besides pictures of dogs, we just recently started talking about classes, and i know some girls are even in the same biology class as I am in. This way, we can live together, and study together! 

I do not know what I would do without these amazing girls to get me through my rough times I have, am, and will be going through.  Even though there is 3 more years I have with these girls, I am so comfortable around me.  This makes me feel a lot better in such a big campus.

Sure there are parties, and makeup, and bows in some of our hairs, but there are also sweatpants(or leggings:) ), lots of late night studying, and pizza x cravings at midnight throughout the sorority.  I am just very thankful that I was chosen and got a bid into Delta Gamma for I thought I was the last person that would get picked for a sorority.  So I would just recommend to all of you either wondering if they should, or think that they couldnt get in to a sorority, just rush.  It cant hurt at all and who knows, you might get in an amazing sorority with the most amazing sisters that you could ever imagine.  Like me.

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