How'd I End up Here?

I'm a townie and I honestly never thought about going to Indiana University. I didn't think a big school was for me. I was searching for that close-knit, community feel that I had in high school and I didn't think IU could offer me that. I ended up applying to three schools, a small one, a medium sized one, and a large one (IU). I was like Goldilocks and I intended to try all three to find the best fit.

First I visited the small, private school. It had a beautiful campus, a close-knit feel (the dean invited students over for a holiday dinner every year), and I knew I would be supported academically. However, it didn't have many study abroad opportunities and it lacked an actual business program. It just wasn't right.

Next, I visited the medium sized school. The campus was gorgeous, it had a nice business program but it still was missing something.  I wanted a prestigious business school, with study abroad programs, and lots culture.

Finally, I looked in my own backyard and found that the perfect place had been under my nose the whole time. IU has tons of great study abroad programs, professors who care about you, and the business school produces some of the most well prepared businessmen and women. I found that IU has opportunities to make it feel smaller, like living learning communities and the Hutton Honors College. You can make a big school feel small, but it's hard to make a small school seem big.

I'm very happy with my choice and I truly believe IU was the best fit for me. They say the third time is the charm. It worked for Goldilocks, it worked for me.

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