The Warm Weather of Btown Makes Everything Better!

Hey, coming back for my second blog post here. Life around campus has definitely changed since Spring Break. As the weather reaches summer-worthy temperatures, girls break out their spandex shorts and sheer crop tops around campus. Personally, I find going to class and even work more bearable now that the weather has brightened up. I think it makes the realization of summer really set in and what student doesn't look forward to summer break (especially after our too-short spring break)!? The end of the semester is a double-edged sword, though. On one hand, school is out, little 5 is happening, and life is mostly carefree again. On the other hand, it's crunch time for grade improvement and the completion of huge projects/papers. It's especially scary that I'm a sophomore and I am still undecided on what my major will be, but I'll keep riding the wave that is college life haha. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and makes the most out of the rest of the year! Oh yeah and have a blast the week of Little 5!!!

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