My First Blog!!

I'm not really sure what to talk about, but thankfully there is a box saying 'Consider using these phrases' on the right, haha. First I guess I'll talk about college admissions specific to me. I originally didn't even get into IU! I remember when I was in high school at the beginning of my senior year when everyone started talking about college. It scared me, I admit, because no one in my family has yet completed college and my sister was the only one who had ever attended. I applied for three colleges: IU, IUPUI (I'm from Indy), and University of Indianapolis. Luckily, the FAFSA covered all my college costs, because frankly I didn't have the money to come here or really anywhere else but Ivy Tech. Come Halloween of senior year, I completed my early admissions to these three colleges and hoped for the best. A month or so later most of my friends made their Facebook statuses "I got into IU!!!" I was happy for them, but it made me wonder why I hadn't got accepted. I waited, and I got an e-mail saying I was on the waiting list...I was destroyed. I got into IUPUI and I just accepted the fact that all of my friends would be going off without me, but was still grateful I got an opportunity I got to go to college in the first place. Finally, in June, I was at Eagle Creek State Park and I got a call saying I got into IU if I was still interested. This was a really great day for me, and I've been working hard (and playing hard) here ever since!

Okay, next I'll talk about majors (again specific to me). I currently define myself as a Journalism major, although the university defines me as a University Divison student (damn math). I've been certain about my major up until this year. I think Journalism is practical, but I just want to make sure I'm financially steady when I get older. Yeah I know, "Do something you love", but honestly that doesn't pay the bills. See, I come from a place where kids shouldn't be raised, really, and if I have children, I definitely want them to be raised in a place and in a manner appropriate for children. So I set up an advisor appointment last semester and the major Communication and Culture was recommended to me; I wish it never had been. I'm taking two classes now and it just isn't what I expected, sadly. Now I really don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm thinking about trying out Social Work. I really hope I can find something that suits me before my senior year! Haha.

Well, this was my first blog. I've honestly never written one so I hope this wasn't a terrible read or an unnecessary ramble. PEACE.

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