Introducing... Kathleen!

Hi everyone! I'm Kathleen DeLaney and I'll be a freshman at Indiana University in the fall! How exciting! I'm from upstate New York, NOT NEW YORK CITY!!! (If you're from New York, you understand what I'm talking about). I'm absolutely in love with IU! I'm intending to major in psychology, but I'm keeping an open mind about other options.

IU's student body is more than ten times larger than my entire hometown, so that will definitely be a major adjustment for me. I love trying new things so I'm excited about all of the oportuities that a large school, like IU, has to offer. In highschool I was secretary of my class, a member of NHS and investment club, and played both lacrosse and volleyball, so I definitely like to get involved with clubs and activites! I can't wait to try new things, join clubs, and get involved around campus.

Why did I choose IU? That's kind of a tough question for me to answer. It was kind of random! I applied because my brother went to Notre Dame and he loved it, so I figured why not apply to a school in Indiana? I wasn't overly impressed with any of the other schools I visited, so my parents and I decided to make the 12 hour drive to Bloomington. From the moment I arrived on campus, I knew that this was the perfect school for me... WOW that might've been the corniest thing I've ever said, but it's true! I'm so glad I randomly decided to apply or else I never would have found the school of my dreams!

I can't wait to head out to Bloomington in August (even if it involves a 12 hour carride)! I'm looking forward to all of the exciting adventures that are in my future at Indiana University! Stay tuned as I blog about my experiences at IU!


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