Little 5, Dead Week, & Finals...Oh My

As you probably already know, it is the start of Little 5 week, which can only mean one thing...


That's right. Although I am a freshman, and this is my first Little 5, I am already experiencing the stress that this week (and the next two weeks as well) will bring. Don't get me wrong, I plan on taking advantage of the fun events and making the most out of this week, but I am feeling the pressure! Everybody told me at the beginning of this semester to save my absences for Little 5 week, but of course, I didn't. And apart from that, this is the second to last week of the semester! Finals are approaching! I can't afford to skip class to recover from my adventures the day before. I want to experience everything about Little 5, but my responsibilities are getting in the way of that (UGH!) So, how am I supposed to balance it all?

Well, it's all about prioritizing. Warning: I'm about to give you a (probably) much needed reality check. You should definitely participate in Little 5 events, but if you need to go to class, GO TO CLASS. If you need to stay home and write a paper that is due tomorrow, STAY HOME. Finals start in two weeks, which I know seems like a long time, but it really isn't. Remember why you are here, at the greatest college on earth-- to get an education. I know college is about more than academics, and I know I sound like an overbearing mother, but I just want everyone to succeed and bear as little stress as possible!

Have a fun, SAFE week and good luck on finals!

Kaitlyn Stanton

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Kaitlyn StantonFinance Major, Class of 2018, Greencastle, IN

I am in the Kelley School of Business pursuing a degree in finance. I love being a student at Indiana University, and I love sharing my experiences with other people!