Never Miss a Bus Again with the DoubleMap App

The IU bus system can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. Too many times I've waited forever for an A bus, only to have almost all of them show up at the same time! However, waiting 30 minutes in the pouring rain or freezing cold for a bus no longer has to be a problem. Why? Because there's an app for that!

The DoubleMap app tracks the buses for both the IU buses (lettered buses) and Bloomington buses (numbered buses). All you have to do is select the route you want to view (you can select more than one to see different routes at the same time) and the app will show you in real time where the buses are and where they're headed to.

Additionally, if you click on a bus stop on the map (the colored dots), information will show up giving you an estimated time of arrival for the next bus.

This app is extremely helpful when the weather's bad and you want to wait inside for a bus or if you need to know how long until a bus will come to your stop.

One word of caution though! Occasionally, the app is not accurate, so if you're running late it may not be the most reliable thing to use. I still suggest walking to get around campus because you won't experience any delays that can happen on a bus!

 Check out this article for more information about using the buses! 

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