How to Dress for Sorority Recruitment!

The dress code for sorority recruitment is very straight-forward:

  • 22 Party: Panhellenic Shirt (with jeans)
  • 16 Party: Nice Casual (jeans/nice pants with a sweater or blouse)
  • 9 Party: Business Casual (it doesn't have to be neutral colors though)
  • 3 Party/Preference Round: Formal Wear (like a cocktail party or wedding)

However, there are some tips that I got during my recruitment experience that I found to be really helpful, and I'd like to share them with you!

1. Prepare for Bad Weather

Since recruitment happens in the middle of winter, expect the worse. This year during recruitment, it rained and the sidewalks were very icy! Bad weather doesn't mean you need to change your outfit last minute though. If it's going to rain, bring an umbrella. You can be stuck standing outside a house for up to 20 minutes in the pouring rain, so instead of looking like you just jumped into a pool, carry an umbrella. Also, dress in layers if it's really cold. You'll have plenty of time once inside the house to remove your hat, gloves, sweater, scarf, sweatpants (to wear over your skirt or dress), jacket, etc. and you'll stay nice and warm!

2. Keep It Appropriate

This one's simple. If you would wear it out at night, don't wear it for recruitment.

3. Bring Extra Shoes

This one is especially important during the last and second to last rounds of recruitment. I wore heels for both of those rounds and, like most of the girls, I wore boots while walking from one house to the other and put on my heels once I was inside. With the possibly icy sidewalks and crunch for time, you need to make sure you can get from one house to another quickly, comfortable, and safely.

4. Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time

DO NOT wait until the morning of a party to decide what to wear. The mornings of the parties are so busy with Rho Gamma meetings, that there's not that much time to get ready unless you wake up very early (which would not be fun). Planning outfits ahead of time means you will have more time to get ready in the morning and eat a good breakfast. Also, you can send pictures of your outfits to your Rho Gam if you choose them ahead of time and she'll give you feedback on them!

To find out more information about 2015 Sorority Recruitment, check out IU's PHA website

Also, read this post for more helpful tips about recruitment: IU Sorority Recruitment Survival Guide

Oh, and one last thing!

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