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As my freshman year comes to an end, I'm proud at how involved I was. From living in the Kelley Living Learning Center to joining my sorority, Theta Phi Alpha, my free time has been packed with extracurriculars. Since there are already many blog posts about the KLLC and Greek Life, I wanted to take the time to talk about a Kelley Organization that I think doesn't get nearly as much attention as it should.

This year I applied to and was accepted into Women's Financial Association, WFA for short. The name of the club provides the most accurate description of what it is, an organization for women pursuing degrees in Finance (or at least in business). Over the year we had a variety of events including pumpkin carving at Musgrave Apple Orchards, a faculty luncheon with some of Kelley's great female professors, and a (free) weekend trip to Chicago to meet with Arcelor Mittal.

In addition to those events, we had guest speakers from companies like Ernst & Young, a top Kelley recruiter, come to our meetings. These presentations were extremely interesting and informative because the speakers discussed what kinds of finance positions were available at their company and what their initiatives were to recruit more women to work in Finance, currently a very male-dominated sector.

Within the club, we were assigned to a committee (which I preferenced during the application). I'm on the External Relations Committee and my job is to reach out to companies to see if they are interested in coming to speak to us or host an event. Being on this committee has been a great way to get in contact with recruiters and form relationships with them!

Overall, I highly recommend this club to any woman interested in a career in finance because it's a low-commitment, low-stress organization to be a part of that provides a lot of great opportunities for its members!

To learn more about WFA, visit their info page on the Kelley School of Business Website here!

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