Does McNutt’s reputation include the Kelley Living Learning Center?

Just for reference, McNutt has the reputation of being a party dorm. So, the quick answer to the title of my blog post is yes.

Even though the KLLC has a reputation of being a more academic floor than the rest of McNutt, the residents are still really social and do go out. What you will find, however, is that there is a great balance between people who do and don’t party.

On the weekends and even some weekdays, the floor will be noisy at night (Quiet Hours are more of a suggested rule than an enforced one). If this will bother you then I suggest buying earplugs which will help significantly if you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.

If you’re someone who’s not into partying, then you can find and request a roommate who shares the same interests as you. Facebook is a great way to find a roommate whom you’ll be very compatible with.

When you compare the KLLC to the rest of McNutt there’s a lot in common. However, what you won’t get from living anywhere else on campus are the incredible opportunities that the KLLC offers to its residents. From day one (literally move-in day), I was networking with recruiters from the Big 4 accounting firms, attending professional development series, and making some great friends.

Also, the location of McNutt is hard to beat, especially if you're in Kelley (5 minute walk) or plan on going to the football and basketball games.

So whether you're into partying or not (or somewhere in between), you'll find a great home at the KLLC with so many opportunities for anyone planning a business career.

To find out more about living in the KLLC, check out this great post:

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