Cups, on Cups, on Cups! (and other free things)

I'm officially done with my first week of classes (yes, I got lucky and I don't have any Friday classes)! This month has gone by so fast! From IFS (read this to find out more) to Welcome Week to being in the KLLC, I've started to accumulate a lot of free stuff (I mean A LOT). Because of all the free things I've gotten recently, I realized that there were a couple things that I should have left at home:

1. Plastic Cups/Water Bottles/Travel Mugs/Koozies

Except for the travel mugs (which I got for free at other IU events before coming here), this is my collection of free cups from Welcome Week and the first week of classes. Clubs, businesses, and restaurants are big on advertising to students right when school starts, so they usually give out things that students actually need, like cups and water bottles. So, I recommend that you only bring one water bottle with you to school and no cups, because you will have a collection of them in no time!

2. T-Shirts:

DON'T bring all of your t-shirts to college! These are just some of the t-shirts I got (I have more, but let's be honest, I wasn't going to do laundry for the sake of taking a better picture). I've been living in t-shirts the past few weeks because of the heat, so getting a free shirt almost every day has been awesome!

UPDATE: Since going to the Student Involvement Fair, I've received six more t-shirts to add to my collection!

Check out this post for things you SHOULD bring to college:

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