To all you Shoppers out there!

Now I don't know who's with me on this, but I LOVE shopping!  No matter if you're on a mission to find the perfect outfit for a night out or just browsing casually through stores, shopping is the best.  Many of you have probably been to College Mall, just because it is close and convenient to campus.  But let me just put this out there, College Mall isn't the best.  Yes, it is still a mall, but it's not one of those malls you get all excited to go shopping at.  

For all of you who may not be familiar with surrounding areas to Bloomington, there are shopping centers/outlets that are not that far from Bloomington!  I recently visited Edinburgh Premium Outlets myself.  Edinburgh is only about 40 miles away from campus, and can be turned into a day shopping trip with some of your friends!  

Indy is really close as well.  Going downtown Indy, walking around, and shopping on a day of the weekend, what could be better?!

Castleton Mall which is located in Indianapolis, is the largest shopping mall in the state of Indiana!  It is four major department stores and has over 130 stores!  For those of you who may be familiar with more upscale shopping maybe in Chicago or New York, Indy may be your closest get away to good shopping!  

So here's some tips for better shopping options:

In order to get a full shopping experince, drive to Indy or surrounding areas.

Go shopping when there's no home football game because you know you shouldn't miss a tailgate!

Research online for coupons and special deals before you go.

Ask some of your friends if they want to go and turn it in to an all day ordeal!

Shop till you drop!

Hope this somewhat gave you all more insight! But don't spend your money all in one place!

Go Hoosiers!!

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Jordan PeirceClass of 2015

Hey Hoosiers! My name is Jordan and I'm currently a sophomore at IU!  I'm from Northwest Indiana, 30 minutes outside of Chicago!  I work part-time at the IU Call Center.  I'm not 100% sure on my major yet, but I know I want to do something with law.  I am involved in Union Board Spirits committee and the Criminal Justice Student Association.  I enjoy playing tennis in my free time as well as spending time with my friends.  I absolutely love watching sports, but I also can be such a girly girl.  I'm so excited for IU Basketball to start and I hope you are too!  I hope my posts give you insight about IU and life in general.  

Go Hoosiers!

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