Why You Should Care About IU Landmarks

This is a follow-up to my last post on discovering the beauty of IU.

I was home over Easter weekend, talking to my dad about some guy walking around IU, when I realized I looked like such an idiot (and newbie) the other day on campus.

Let's go back a couple weeks ...

I was walking by the Auditorium (you know, on the cobblestone sidewalk that goes from Seventh Street to Showalter Fountain and connects to the other side of Seventh Street) when a man and a woman passed me.

"Where's Hoagy?" the man called to me.

I looked at him, confused.

"Where's the Hoagy Carmichael statue?" he asked.

"Um, I actually have no idea," I replied. "Sorry!"

They walked a few more paces and then the man incoherently yelled something.

Hmm, I thought. Maybe that man playing the piano right behind me is this Hoagy Carmichael guy...

You see, I walk by "the man playing the piano" every day, and sometimes a few times a day because Seventh Street is the quickest path from my dorm to the J-School. Not until I saw some Facebook friends had picked a tulip on campus to stick in the man's hand that I realized who that statue was portraying; a famous IU alum.

I know where the Wylie House is, and I know where the Wells House is (but I'll admit I'm not sure where the Herman B Wells statue is). Have I ever been to these places? No. Do I want to sometime? Certainly.


Because it's these landmarks that make IU such a historic campus. The University, after all, was founded in 1820. Can you imagine how much history is packed into a campus so old? (Granted its first campus was located just off the current campus at Seminary Square Park, which is neat and I recommend visitors check it out.)

I'm the first to admit I don't know much about famous connections to IU (unless they came through the J-School). But I'd like to learn, because this is my campus just as much as it was other peoples' in their day.

And when visitors come through, I'll sound educated, which definitely a bonus.

The campus landmarks go beyond Assembly Hall and Sample Gates.

When choosing a college, you want a campus with a rich history and a beautiful landscape. On top of that, IU has great degree programs and student organizations. So not only are you attending a historic and beautiful campus, but you're getting a top-notch education.

I hope to get the chance to wander around before the end of the semester and find all of these places, just to make some more IU memories.

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