Welcome Week! (Round 2)

So I missed Welcome Week because I moved into my apartment Thursday and Friday (boo). That means the first week of classes (which ended today) was my Welcome Week.

I'm so glad to be back on campus. I had a great and busy summer but I've missed Bloomington. The first weekend back in B-Town I had the Hoosier Scramble at the Village Deli. It's much recommended but it's kinda a heartattack on a plate ... (English muffin, scrambled eggs, gravy)

My first day of classes Monday I was in my favorite building, the School of Journalism. Oh how I had missed Ernie Pyle Hall! That scheduled repeated Wednesday; internship noon to 3 p.m., class 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. I'm thankful for the late start but the late ending is not that attractive. Here's to being an upperclassman!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent in Ballantine. Let's be real; everyone HATES that building because you must walk up so. many. stairs.

I've become a pro this week at using the X Bus (you know, Stadium to Union, Union to Stadium). It's quite convenient.

We celebrated (somewhat early) the conclusion to the first week of classes with dinner at Scotty's (a Bloomington classic) and Three-Dollar Thursday at Kilroy's on Kirkwood (KOK) and Dunnkirk. My friends and I unfortunately didn't make it to the Upstairs Pub, which is my favorite bar in Bloomington.

I've just been soaking up the relaxation and enjoying B-Town before all the tests and homework hit me.

I hope all your summers have been great and you're excited to back in Bloomington!


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