Two things to remember when registering for classes

Believe it or not, students will be registering for spring classes here soon.

In my experience registering for classes at IU, I can think of two things to remember before hitting that "enroll" button.

1.) In the fall and spring, ORDER EVENT TICKETS! Students have the chance to order season football/basketball tickets during fall enrollment. Not only does IU have the largest basketball student section in the nation, but the student tickets are sold out for the 2012-2013 season. GO HOOSIERS!

And during spring enrollment, students have the chance to order Little 5 tickets. As a senior this year, I won't miss what will probably be my last opportunity to witness the historic race. Do it.

2.) Before picking your classes make sure you know which meets what requirement and make sure your schedule doesn't conflict and that you have enough time to get from class to class. Talk to your advisor. Look up where the buildings are on campus to figure out how much time you might need for walking/catching the bus.

As always, pick classes that interest you.

Some programs -- such as my Poli Sci and History minors -- are really open and let you pick which classes in a range (300-level) or topic (US or foreign studies) to study. This allows some flexibility and will probably help keep the interest level up throughout the semester, especially when professors give you the chance to pick your own project or paper topic.

You're only at IU for four(ish) years, make it count!

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Jessica WilliamsClass of 2013

Hey guys! My name is Jessica and I'm a senior in the IU School of Journalism. I'm also earning minors in history and political science. After graduation -- May 2013! -- I hope to enter the newspaper industry.

I use "Musings of a Hoosier" to share my experiences as an IU student, which are different than other bloggers' experiences because not only was I born and raised in Indiana, but I'm also a transfer student. I hope I can teach you something about IU that you didn't know before.

Go Hoosiers!