Three secrets to Wright dining hall

IU offers many locations and varieties of food options for those on campus or those off campus but with meal plans.

As a resident of Willkie Center last year, I walked to Wright dining hall every day. And sometimes twice a day.

I usually had the same things to eat and I'll admit I still haven't tried the Chinese food or the sandwich shop.

Some people can go overboard but I tried hard to eat balanced, healthy meals as often as I could (hello, Eat Right options). Get some fresh fruits or veggies with your chicken sandwich; get a salad with your pasta; get yogurt instead of ice cream in your smoothie; milk or water instead of pop.

No one eats perfect and I'm not a pro at the dining halls. But I have figured out three "secrets" to eating at Wright.

1.) Add some marshmellows to your hot chocolate. Yes, the tin beside the hot chocolate maker is indeed full of little white fluffs of deliciousness. You really can't tell by looking at the container that it's full of marshmellows but it is so make sure you take advantage of it!

2.) At the salad bar and they're out of fat free ranch? Check the potato bar. This is my go-to secret when the one side is out of my favorite dressing. I just really love the Wright salad bar. Gotta eat those veggies.

3.) Special K bars are available (usually) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is true across all RPS facilities, but these little bars of greatness are prominently displayed across the food area so you can't miss them.

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