Oh, So This Is The Beauty of Bloomington Everyone Talks About ...

I walked around campus this week, looking around me. I mean, really looking around me and taking in the spring-like weather and the colors.

So this is what everyone talks about. I've heard it time and time again, but I didn't pay much attention.

"Bloomington is just such a beautiful town!"

I've never been in Bloomington during the spring, but I'm not really one to appreciate natural beauty, anyways.

"Oh hey, it's nice outside. This weather is great," is about all you'll get from me.

I'm glad I can finally appreciate springtime at IU.

Now I'm really excited that the tree outside my dorm window has pretty green leaves and that the sun shining in my room is from nice weather, not cold weather pretending to be nice.

The groundskeepers put in a lot of hard work to make the campus as pretty as it is, from tulips and geraniums to freshly mowed grass.

And the students really get into it, too. Numerous joggers were out this week, as were people playing catch and Frisbee. I'm more likely to walk around campus now that it's so nice, and I think other students are as well.

It's good to get out and explore.

Parents get into it, too, when they come visit their kids to see what they've been up to. Many families have taken advantage of the weather we've been experiencing the last few days to go on tours with students around campus. Even prospective students are using this nice weather to go on tours. There's no better time than now!

Fall here is pretty, too, but that's just too much brown for me (you know, after all the leaves fall off trees and blow away).

Spring at IU is different because you realize you survived another Indiana winter and you're that much closer to summer break (and Little 5).

It also means you can start studying outside, say while you're laying in the grass at Dunn Meadow, and if you're lucky, you can convince the profs of your smaller classes to take class outside!

Some might say nice weather makes it harder to go to class, but I think it just gives you something to look forward to when class gets out. It's better to walk around in sun than rain or snow, right?

When choosing a college, the atmosphere should be an important deciding point. There's no better campus where you can walk to class and see such bright spring colors than at IU.

Anytime is a good time to come on a campus visit, but I'd recommend during the spring because it's so colorful and pretty.

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Jessica WilliamsClass of 2013

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