My top 3 moments at IU

As a transfer student, I've had to cram a lot of IU memories into two years. I think I've been successful but two years just isn't enough time to experience everything IU has to offer. I wish I would have been more involved or gone to more events but sometimes you just can't.

So here are my top three moments in the last year and a half (and a peek of what's to come)!

3.) As a reporter for the IDS last semester, I got to write the cover story on the J-School turning 100 years old. The weekend after it was printed, dozens of J-School alumni came to town to celebrate the Centennial and copies of the paper -- with my cover story -- were displayed all over the IDS newsroom. It was a cool moment for me, especially when a very successful almnus posted the link on Facebook and mentioned me.

2.) Last spring I went to London, Normandy and Paris for Spring Break with a J-School class. And this spring, I get to go to Australia with another J-School class. Experiencing travel with students similar to you is unlike any other college experience. I recommend you try to travel abroad while at IU, especially if you're a journalism student -- we have the highest number travel abroad participants campus-wide.


Me at King's Cross in London.

1.) All you basketball fans are going to be jealous, BUT I WAS AT THE IU-UK GAME AND WITNESSED WATFORD'S BUZZER-BEATER! Every time I tell this story I say how that moment was one of the best moments of my life -- and I'm only 22! The intensity in Assembly Hall that night was unreal. I was also at the upset games against Ohio State and Michigan State. If you can only do one thing while at IU, it should be attend a men's basketball game at IU. I cannot wait until this basketball season.


Assembly Hall after we upset UK!

This isn't a complete list; I've had many other IU experiences that are important to me. But with this list I hope you can see that YOU can be a part of IU history, by going out and doing.

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Jessica WilliamsClass of 2013

Hey guys! My name is Jessica and I'm a senior in the IU School of Journalism. I'm also earning minors in history and political science. After graduation -- May 2013! -- I hope to enter the newspaper industry.

I use "Musings of a Hoosier" to share my experiences as an IU student, which are different than other bloggers' experiences because not only was I born and raised in Indiana, but I'm also a transfer student. I hope I can teach you something about IU that you didn't know before.

Go Hoosiers!