If you ever get the chance to enroll in Y352, DO IT!

"Please put your phones and computers away, out of respect," my political science professor said, before flipping off the lights and turning on a documentary.

But this isn't just any professor, and this isn't just any class.

It's Y352: The Holocaust and Politics and the professor is Jacob Bielasiak, who was born and raised in Lodz, Poland. His parents survived Auschwitz, the most notorious concentration/death camp of WWII.

The documentary was about the Lodz ghetto under Nazi rule.

It's classes like this that make the college culture of IU unique. Professor Bielasiak is able to bring the topic to life, like telling emotional stories of his parents or showing the class after the documentary the one possession his mother kept with her throughout the German occupation: the actual piece of fabric her identification number was written on.

If you don't get the chance to study abroad, take a class like this. It's almost like you're there. And if it doesn't fit within certain degree programs for majors or minors, take it as an elective. It's well worth the time and money.

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Jessica WilliamsClass of 2013

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