Yet Another Reason Why I Love IU

At the end of this dead week, I feel "dead" tired from all of the papers and projects I have had to complete. I  know it's my fault for procrastinating on assignments I've known about for months, but what college kid doesn't do that? However, there is one thing that has gotten me through this week: my professors. The professors here at IU genuinely care about their students. One of my professors knew we were all stressed out about finishing papers (being a writing major does that to you), so she baked us all dessert and brought that in along with some fruit salad. Another professor is going out of his way to schedule extra office hours to chat with his students about final projects. Yet another professor told us to stop by her office throughout the remainder of our time here at IU if we ever need anything, even if this "need" is just to see a friendly face and chat. Sure, not every single professor here goes out of their way to be extra friendly and pleasant, but I feel like the majority of the ones I've met do truly care about individual students and want the best for them in not only their classes, but other aspects of their lives too.

On a side note, the rent-a-puppy thing in Dunn Meadow today also put me in a much better mood. $5 to play with a puppy for 30 minutes. Brilliant.

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