Where Did Winter Go?

This winter in Bloomington has been uncharacteristically warm. Not that I'm complaining about warm weather, but in my opinion, IU's campus is best in winter. The top three most beautiful places to see on campus during winter are:

1) Sample Gates- Most famous spot in B-town for good reason. The wreaths hanging on the front of the Sample Gates combined with the snow on the trees and walkway make it one of the prettiest spots on campus in the winter. 

2) Showalter Fountain- Pretty with both liquid and frozen water in it.

3) Dorms- The dorm buildings can be extremely decorative during winter. I actually regret not visiting the dorms more this winter to see what sorts of holiday decorations were up. This door was done for a door decorating contest in Teter last year. If you don't want to venture out into the cold, you can stay inside and enjoy the beauty of a Bloomington winter as well!

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