Things to Do if You Don't Feel Like Partying

Whether you are not into parties, or you just need a night off, here is a list of some fun things to do around school:

  • Go to the College Mall. They have puppies there. You can pet them. 
  • Watch the free movie of the week at the IMU. The movie plays Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8pm and 11pm. The list of upcoming movies can be found here: (The Avengers and Magic Mike for FREE?! Can it get any better than that?!) You can also rent movies from some dorms courtesy of RPS. Use your ID like a library card, and return the movie the next day. 
  • Eat food. There are so many unique restaurants here in Bloomington. Take a weekend to try as many of them out as possible! There are a lot of ethnic restaurants on Fourth Street. I also recommend trying Aver's Pizza. They have a delicious Cream and Crimson Pizza, cheap breadsticks, and the Loganberry soda. Their menu is here:
  • Take a late-night walk around campus. Make sure to bring a friend for safety purposes, of course. Campus is quiet and peaceful at night. You have a lot more time to enjoy how beautiful it is if you aren't rushing to a class with thousands of other people. Go lay by the wall at the art museum, and enjoy the light show. 
  • People-watch. What's more fun than going to a party? Watching people stumble back from a party. If you would prefer to people-watch elsewhere, I suggest catching a bus to Walmart. 
  • Go Hiking. There are so many awesome places to hike around here. McCormick's Creek State Park isn't too far down the road. Here is the website: They do charge a small entrance fee. If you don't want to pay a fee, go to Griffy Lake Nature Preserve
  • Go to Nashville. You'll need a car for this, but it is worth it. Nashville is a small artsy town with tons of little shops and restaurants. I always eat at the Hob Nob Corner when I go. You also absolutely cannot miss going to Brown County State Park in the fall and seeing the leaves change color. To get there from campus, get on 3rd street and head towards the College Mall. Keep driving. Still keep driving. Turn right when you see the park. It's that easy. 
  • Play games with your friends. (And no, I don't mean drinking games, because this is a post for those that don't want to go to a party, remember). Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, Euchre, Cranium, Twister, Sorry, get the idea. 
  • Sleep. 
  • If it's Wednesday, go to the Observatory. More information can be found here:
  • Play Laser Tag. You know you miss the good old days of running around shooting each other with beams of light. 
  • Go to a Performance. You can go to student music recitals for free. You can also buy tickets for plays and concerts performed by either students or professionals. 
  • Local Events. Did you know that Bloomington has an annual chocolate festival? Yes, that's right, chocolate. You can get free samples, see artwork made out of chocolate, and get recipes. There is usually something like this going on every week. You've just got to investigate and figure out what it is. Or, click here
  • Volunteer. There are several organizations around Bloomington that would love your help. Volunteer some of your time with the Hoosier Hills Food Bank or the Bloomington Animal Shelter, and give back to our beloved city. 

The list of things to do could go on forever. For example, I left out: do a scavenger hunt, knit a tree scarf, find and feed a stray cat, plant a garden, etc. Point is, there is something to do here. You don't always have to drink and dance. 

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