The Lilly Library

I'd like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about a great resource here on IU's campus, the Lilly Library. Until this semester I, like most students, had never gone into the Lilly Library. One of my professors scheduled a "field trip" to the library in order to familiarize his students with it for future research projects. At first I was not thrilled to be told I would have to go to an actual library to do research (online articles are so much more convenient!). But after going, I realized how much of an invaluable resource this library really is. It's like a mini museum! Did you know that Lilly has a letter signed by George Washington?! Or that Lilly has peanuts that James Whitcomb Riley once used as a prop for his poetry readings?! With the exception of the Washington letter, any visitor to the Lilly Library can physically touch these old objects and letters from all sorts of famous people. Going to the Lilly Library actually excited me to do my research project. Instead of reading impersonal copies of articles online, I got to actually hold the original handwritten articles in my hand. If you haven't been into the Library, I highly suggest going for an afternoon to check it out. You never know what you might discover in there.

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