My IU Bucket List

I know you all probably have that IU Bucket List magnet they give you at Freshmen Orientation. I did not want to complete that bucket list. Some of the things on that list seem like no fun. Opera!?! Really?! Not my cup of tea. So, I made a new one (granted, some of these are on the magnet list too):

Jessica's IU Bucket List 

  • Take a picture with Herman B. Wells and Hoagy Carmichael 
  • Walk around downtown Bloomington and window shop while eating froyo
  • Go to the Kirkwood Observatory
  • Attend an IU Baseball game
  • Go to the Rooftop Quarry (the one in Breaking Away) - This is technically trespassing, so I am not liable for what happens to you if you attempt to go there. 
  • Explore the Art Museum
  • Hike in Yellowwood State Forest
  • Complete an annual trip to Brown County State Park with my best friend, where we stop at the Hobnob Corner Restaurant
  • Walk around Lake Monroe
  • Attend the Little 500 Race
  • Collect as many Pizza X cups as possible
  • See free movies at the IMU
  • Join a Club
  • Volunteer in Bloomington outside of campus
  • Play hide and seek in the Chemistry building
  • Take a nap in the arboretum
  • Explore the Wylie House
  • Walk around campus at night when it is empty and see the lights outside of the art museum. 
  • Go to the Aver's buffet out by the mall (All you can eat Cream & Crimson pizza!!!)
  • Get Baked! (Cookie delivery service)
  • Hike around Griffy Lake
  • See a show at the IU Auditorium
  • Attend an IU Basketball game and see Cody Zeller dunk
  • Attend an IU Football tailgate
  • Collect free T-shirts
  • Read something at the Lilly Library
  • Eat out of the Grilled Cheese Truck (IT'S SO GOOD!!!!) 

About The Author
Jessica FramptonAspiring Advertising Copywriter
  • Public and Professional Writing Major
  • Marketing, Telecommunications, and Spanish Minor
  • Class of 2013
  • International Baccalaureate Programme Graduate
  • Football Fan
  • Taco Bell Frequenter
  • IU Ad Association Copywriter
  • Avid Hiker