Where are my IU coffee lovers out there??

Hey guys! Do you ever have those days when you feel like you have bene going for days straight? You have homework up the wazzu, professors are riding you to start that essay due in two weeks and you packed another shirt and pair of shoes just in case it downpours for ten minutes and gets you soaked. Well that has been my week, and probably you have or will have one soon enough. But if you are like me, the green Starbucks sign at the end of hallway is your savior. 

My grandmother recently gave me (and when i say recently i mean a week ago) the best gift ever; a $50 giftcard to Starbucks. After my grande cappuccino tonight, i am down to less than $10 dollars! I know that is extreme, but having French for an hour and 15 minutes at night can take its toll. Having two Starbucks within walking distance, Kirkwood and the Indiana Memorial Union, does not help either. Its heavenly goodness everywhere you look!

I try to be careful with my Starbucks though, especially the wonderful, White Chocolate Mocha Latte. So, I have looked the drinks up for you. So you can be careful with spending and calories:

(you can look for more and food: http://www.starbucks.com/menu/catalog/nutrition?drink=all#view_control=nutrition)

(grande, 2% milk)

white chocolate mocha: 420

Salted caramel hot chocolate: 310

regular coffee (black): 5

Iced coffee (black): 90

caffe latte: 190

cappuccino: 120

caramel macchiato: 240

caffe mocha: 260

So, I am a fan of my beloved Starbucks, but honestly a coffee lover is a coffee lover anywhere you go right? And in Bloomington, we have alot of coffee lovers out there! Some other top Bloomington cafes and restaurants with excellent coffee, include Soma Coffeehouse and Juice Bar, The Pourhouse Cafe, and Runcible Spoon.

Soma C and J is located at 322 E Kirkwood Ave, under Laughing Planet. Here, students can find the most unique and delicious drinks ever concocted with a coffee bean, with the coolest names! They have the Oahu, Razz-Ma-Tazz, and the Peanu-Butter Cup O' Joe. You'll have to go to see what these are!

The Pourhouse is a charity dedicated cafe, giving most of their 100% of their profits and tips away to charities and organizations that need it. Also located on Kirkwood, provides all kinds of coffees, edibles, and gelatto, yum!

Saying you have a favorite Bloomington restaurant is a hefty a statement. It is difficult to choose, and needs a lot of thought before announced. For me, I love, love, love Runcible Spoon. Open all day, serving BREAKFAST all day, I promise you will die and go to heaven after a bite of their chocolate, banana, and granola pancakes and a cup of their homebrewed coffee. Runcible Spoon is located near Kirkwood on East 6th Street, around the corner of Bloomington Bagel.

It could be a Sunday afternoon or Tuesdday morning before classes, these Bloomington hot spots are crowded with IU students 24/7. Free wi-fi, good food, and relaxing environments what more is there too love? I have a hard time deciding which one to choose from most of the time! I take my coffee drinking drinking very seriously, and once finals and huge papers starting coming your way, I bet you wil too. So when in a caffeine need, look back to this article and support your local Bloomington Coffee shops. Trust me, they are helping you more than you are helping them!

See ya on Kirkwood!

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Hi! I am a sophomore this year at IU. I am from Chesterton, IN, just a five minute drive from beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a born beach bum, runner, triathlete, and yoga enthusiast. I am a journalism major, concentrating in magazine/print. I plan on double majoring in Anthropology and hopefully travel the world in the years to come. Currently, I am the environmental reporter for the IDS Newspaper and I also write for Her Campus, both publications definitely checking out! I read too much, am Bruce Springsteen's number 1 fan, and am a vegetarian that hates to cook. I graduate in 2015 so, until then come check out my WeAreIU stories!