Spring Break - Enjoy it!

Unlike most IU students, I am spending my Spring Break training! Instead of going home, catching up on sleep and Grey's Anatomy, I am hopping on a 10 hour bus ride to Clemson, South Carolina tomorrow morning.

The Indiana Rowing team is headed to the summer weather for a week of intense training. Though i am alittle dissapointed that I won't be spending my break with family and friends, I do get to travel. Other IU teams, like Track and Field, have to to come back days early to keep practicing for their upcoming season. Hopefully the weather cooperates here in Bloomington for them.

Before college, I had my spring break plans dreamed out. I was going to car pool with a bunch of friends and head down to Daytona, Florida! After a long half semester this winter, i would have been content just taking a bus back up to the Chicago area and spending the quiet days lounging around. It is funny, I never thought I would be this homesick for my small town. It is a difficult transition, even for a kid only 3 hours from her parents. It is strange how we miss sleepng in, walking downstairs where your mom is washing clothes and making pancakes... ah the good ol' days! 

So, as a freshman, don't feel pressured to have some extraordinary break planned out. It's ok to take a break and be a kid again for a week. Enjoy hanging around, doing nothing because before you know it, you're driving back to IU, and cracknig open the books once again!

Happy Spring Break!

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Jessica Campbell

Hi! I am a sophomore this year at IU. I am from Chesterton, IN, just a five minute drive from beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a born beach bum, runner, triathlete, and yoga enthusiast. I am a journalism major, concentrating in magazine/print. I plan on double majoring in Anthropology and hopefully travel the world in the years to come. Currently, I am the environmental reporter for the IDS Newspaper and I also write for Her Campus, both publications definitely checking out! I read too much, am Bruce Springsteen's number 1 fan, and am a vegetarian that hates to cook. I graduate in 2015 so, until then come check out my WeAreIU stories!