The Many Sports Clubs of Indiana University

As the year slowly dwindles to a close, my friends and I begin doing what everyone is else... looking into the to summer and the next school year. Plans of eight hour long car rides are being formed, goals of summer activities are written down, and of course returning back to B-Town in August!

Neglecting homework for a bit, a bunch of girls and I crowded around the Mac, looking up the many, MANY, clubs and intramurals we are going to join. Facebook is crawling with IU Club pages and website links. The SRSC, the student health center, offers tons of intramural teams that you can form with friends. Teams such as volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, field hockey, etc are run from the SRSC. It also hosts yoga, Pilates, and the very popular Zumba. For those who want/need a job, the SRSC has a lot of opportunities to make some money, whether it is working at the cafe, check-in or reffing at a game!

Club teams are more independent. Sports such as running, swimming, again basketball, volleyball, etc, all meet up to practice. Run by students, your amount of participation varies however you want. Club sports are fun but still serious, providing your beloved sport in a more low-key way than being part of one IU's Varsity Teams.

Here are some links to some of the most popular clubs IU has to offer!

Club teams still travel, receive cool clothes, and compete against other college club teams all over the country.

When you arrive on campus during Welcome Week, Get Involved and Get Active!!

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