Packing and Moving in.. How to SURVIVE!

I know, we have all been there; boxes line the walls of the bedroom lived in for the past 19 years old, your mom cries each time she sees the bare walls and empty picture frames, and your younger sister plans out where the couch goes for her "special her room." Packing is a painful, sad, and exhausting process that can be minimized to the easiest system with a few quick tips.

1. Pack simialr things together. Pack jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc all together and pack them first. The stuff you dont need now will never be ripped open later minutes before you leave the driveway, making sure you have not forgotten it, and of course who needs that sweater with this 100 degree heat anyway?

2. Keep everything you need the night of moving day, like toothbrush, hairbrush, important papers, map, etc into one purse/manbag that can be easily packed and carried onto campus. The worst thing you can do is pack something days before then forget which box you placed it in when the time comes to use it (the act I do everytime I leave the house). Moving in can be stressful but staying organized can help tremendously. Take it from someone who "organizes" things by creating piles on the floor, knowing where everything is at all times, will make a huge difference!

3. Pack your clothes in suitcases! I stuffed most of my clothes into three suitcases that i just rolled right into my dorm. It eliminates extra boxes and also always you to pack more stuff! And you can always keep a suitcase with you just in case you go on any last minute overnight stays during the year!

4. Save your boxes! Once everything is packed and your relaxing on your small, but freshly made dorm bed, have your parents take all the boxes back home to bring back when it is time to move out. I did not do this little trick and ended up hauling my clothes in garbage bags, Tommy Boy style, not attractive. Even now, packing for my apartment, I had to snag old boxes from my YMCA before the dumpster ate them, in which they smelled like old fritos.

5. The last tip, which i myself is taking into account this year, is buy stuff from Target! Target is less than ten minutes from campus, has a Starbucks inside (score!), and is stocked with more than usuual, college stuff. Need a small vacumm? Chair? Food? Why haul it the 3 hours down to Bloomington if you can pick up quality Target products and groceries right in the same county as your dorm? Target is the place to go, whether its for last minute items or just a quick walk through to get to the mall, (ya its connected) it is the most conveinent building other than the cafeteria. 

Sorry i had only 5 tips, I could probably think of more, but what is college if i give you all the answers and not let you experience some hardships right? Just remember to relax, and soak it all in. You are a college kid now: on your own, making decisions, and well, gettin' old! Have a great move-in day!

About The Author
Jessica Campbell

Hi! I am a sophomore this year at IU. I am from Chesterton, IN, just a five minute drive from beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a born beach bum, runner, triathlete, and yoga enthusiast. I am a journalism major, concentrating in magazine/print. I plan on double majoring in Anthropology and hopefully travel the world in the years to come. Currently, I am the environmental reporter for the IDS Newspaper and I also write for Her Campus, both publications definitely checking out! I read too much, am Bruce Springsteen's number 1 fan, and am a vegetarian that hates to cook. I graduate in 2015 so, until then come check out my WeAreIU stories!