Next Lara Croft and Indiana Jones in the house?

It is now, September 13, which means about two weeks of free lecturers have passed by. What lectures you ask? FREE?

September is archaeology month. Time to get out of your dorm rooms and into the dirt! The Mathers Museum, located on Indiana St. right on campus, is presenting numerous free lectures to the public. Each Friday until October begins, a lecture will be hosted at 12 p.m. The lecturers are by assocaite professors and speakers of IU's anthropology program.

Tomorrow, Sept. 14, Dr. Stacie King will present her recent findings on the work in Oaxaca, Mexico. She will discuss how the evidence shes finds corrolates with the oral histories, documents, and artifacts from the community. Dr. Stacie King is an archaeologist and professor. She has worked all over the world, until settling in Mexico to study the communication between local cities and towns.

Other events to come can be found on the Mathers Museum website.

I am looking forward to these lectures and learning more about the field of anthropology and archaeology. For anyone else interested, attending one of these lectures will be a good insight into a future job.

There is also an article written in the Indiana Daily Student about these upcoming events.

It also talks about an upcoming excavation in the Hoosier National Forest, lead by the curator of archaeology at IU, Timothy Baumann.

With these speeches, a person who is already interested in archaeology and anthropology can pinpoint what topics he or she likes better. Is it other culture and people such as the Oaxaca, Mexico study, or do you prefer learning about the U.S past, and even more specifically, Indiana's early settelers? Every topic is discussed in Mather's Museum discussions. They are a good learning tool and very informative.

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