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Here is just some info on myself before the real blogging begins. My name is Jessica. I am from Chesterton, IN, the little town you drive through to get to Lake MIchigan's beach. I write, read, drink way too much coffee and row for IU's rowing team.

With a venti Starbucks coffee in hand, one can usually find me wandering the beautiful IU campus on the way to class or practice. I am a journalism major, with a focus in Anthropology, or so that is plan so far! I am gradutaing in 2015, then hopefully skipping off to grad school somewhere... I have taken some really fun courses, and not so fun, (Finite, yikes), and succesfully made it through my first semster of college without any scratches.

When arriving to Bloomington, I instantly joined the Indiana Daily Student newspaper, becoming a Campus reporter. I am also a walk-on rower for the Women's Varsity Rowing Team. Both activities keep me super busy and super entertained, which results in quick naps at the Indiana Memorial Union, my favorite building at IU, to regain some energy!

For my blog you can expect tips on being a student-athlete, where the best places to get a good cup of joe are, and which routes are best for a morning run for all you runners out there! Keeping up with IU's fast pace may be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of things, you'll be singin' "This is Indiana" in your sleep!

About The Author
Jessica Campbell

Hi! I am a sophomore this year at IU. I am from Chesterton, IN, just a five minute drive from beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a born beach bum, runner, triathlete, and yoga enthusiast. I am a journalism major, concentrating in magazine/print. I plan on double majoring in Anthropology and hopefully travel the world in the years to come. Currently, I am the environmental reporter for the IDS Newspaper and I also write for Her Campus, both publications definitely checking out! I read too much, am Bruce Springsteen's number 1 fan, and am a vegetarian that hates to cook. I graduate in 2015 so, until then come check out my WeAreIU stories!