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Whether you're in the Journalism School or not, come and join one of IU's many media outlets! Published daily, including a long WEEKEND version on Thursday, the IDS or the Indiana Daily Student, is the school's award-winning newspaper. If you decide you want to write for the IDS, the process of getting into the group is quite simple. After four assignments with the GA, and some boring ol' financial paperwork, you will be good to go! Being on staff is a great privilege and a great paying job! With each story published, you can earn $8 and $12 for page 1 stories. You can also get paid for copy page layouts if writing is not your thing! I write for the Campus and Region sections of the paper and love it. I am hoping to get a desk editor position next fall, but if not then I will continue reporting.

Here is the IDS Link:


In addition to the IDS, all of you writers out there can also join the Inside Magazine. The magazine is published four times a year, each issue designed with a certain theme. Inside has won nearly 90 awards on the local, state, and national levels, including being named the Society of Professional Journalists' "Best Student Magazine" of 2007.

Inside Link:


WIUX 99.1FM, is Indiana University’s student operated radio station. The entire board of directors, on-air staff, and support committees consist entirely of student volunteers. It is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 99.1 FM.


Being on a student media outlet is a lot of fun. I just reported on two events hosted during the Culture of Care Week the IU sponsored. it is a great feeling to see your work published. Previous experience is not required for the paper. You learn proper journalistic techniques and will become an extremely good writer. You would get to go and cover interesting and fun events form athletics to volunteering activities hosted on campus.

So, writers, editors, publishers, come visit us at Ernie Pyle School of Journalism. We are working hard in the basement; come check us out and join the IDS or Inside!

About The Author
Jessica Campbell

Hi! I am a sophomore this year at IU. I am from Chesterton, IN, just a five minute drive from beautiful Lake Michigan. I am a born beach bum, runner, triathlete, and yoga enthusiast. I am a journalism major, concentrating in magazine/print. I plan on double majoring in Anthropology and hopefully travel the world in the years to come. Currently, I am the environmental reporter for the IDS Newspaper and I also write for Her Campus, both publications definitely checking out! I read too much, am Bruce Springsteen's number 1 fan, and am a vegetarian that hates to cook. I graduate in 2015 so, until then come check out my WeAreIU stories!